The most common Coffee Blends

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April 5, 2012

Here we have tips and detailed information about the most common coffee blends. Coffee grows in many different regions of the world. That is why some coffees are known for full-bodied coffees and others for their deep flavor or aroma. In fact, everything that happens to the Coffee tree, weather conditions throughout the life of the plant, and throughout the growing season altitude; impacts the flavor of the coffee it produces. While the aroma of one may inspire poetry, its flavor may be noon too special; no one coffee will be considered “perfect” by everyone. On this site, you will find a brief description of the taste characteristics of the four major coffee growing regions of the world. Of course, there are much more different coffee blends but these are a good start for a beginning.

1.Ethiopian Coffees
Since Antiquity Ethiopia, once known as Abyssinia, has produced a rich variety of coffees – from the floral, wineyness of the Harrars in eastern Ethiopia to the fragrant and spicy Yrgacheffes in the south. The heritage of Ethiopian coffees is unsurpassed in the world.


2.Indonesian Coffees
This island region of the world, nestled between the Indian and Pacific Oceans and part of the Malaysian archipelago, produces coffee characterized by a heavy bodied, earthy, yet mellow smoothness. The lush volcanic soils of Sumatra, Java, Sulawesi, Timor and Papua New Guinea yield a variety of complex coffees worth taking a time to explore. Many of our favorite dark roasts are Indonesian coffees, particularly our Golden Aged Sumatran – a perfect complement to any meal.


3.Central & South American Coffees
From Mexico through the Isthmus of Panama to the Andean highlands of Peru, the Tropical Americas offer a varied, excellent selection of coffee. Mild, medium bodied, even flavored and bright.

4African Coffees

We round out our world tour of major coffee growing regions with the African countries of Kenya, Zimbabwe, Tanzania and Burundi. The coffees from these countries have a medium density, highly aromatic quality and a lively acidity which ranges from citrusy to berrylike.…

The Romantic History of Coffee

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April 2, 2012


Does the word coffee make you think of exotic lands? It should! Because the truth is, coffee has a deeply romantic past, steeped in mystery and adventure. It had many names, in many places. Arab traders called it Gahwah. In the Spice Islands, it was called Java. Portuguese explorers called it “caf”.

Today, there is no country in the world, where coffee is not loved and enjoyed, usually with friends. Coffee became a world of its own. Every morning millions of people drink a cup of Coffee before they leave home, and again million of people drink coffee, when they have their brake or arrived at home.

In fact, “caf” has even come to mean a gathering place. But it all started a long, long time ago, in a desert far away…

Here you will find a lot of useful information about Coffee. We have combined a large list of different Coffee recipes. But that is not everything. We have information about coffee grinders, different coffee blends, coffee producers and even a huge coffee glossary for the newcomer in the world of coffee. In other words, we have everything you should ever know about coffee

… enjoy this trip through the World of Coffee!…


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