How to choose the best charcoal grill

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August 26, 2017

With so many different grills available in the market it’s often tough to choose the best type of grill. Gas and electric grill have their benefits over a charcoal grill. They are quicker, easy to use and heat up quickly but nothing adds the smoky flavor with the char on the meat like a charcoal grill.

So if the flavor is of utmost importance here’s how to choose the right charcoal grill.

1. The Price

For most buyers, the budget is a priority and even when not it does play an important role in any buying decision. Value for money is what every consumer looks for. For those on a tight budget, the kettle charcoal grill offers a neat solution.

For those that need to cook for large crowds the barrel charcoal grill is the best choice on a budget. Higher costing grills tend to be sturdier, offer easy cleaning options, are portable and require less maintenance.

2. Convenience and Maintenance

As I mentioned above, cleaning or starting a charcoal grill is tougher when compared to other grill types but putting in the effort is worth it as it produces the best tasting food and once you’ve got the hang of using it you can get it started within minutes.

Some of these grills come with additional doors or cooking grates that make adding more charcoal in between the cook easier. Also, most grills come with an ash catcher that can be removed and cleaned post very cook thus reducing cleaning burden.

3. Safety Provided

As for safety, most grills only offer certain basic safety features such a sturdy build, wheels for greater portability etc. and it largely depends on how you use the grill. So before you turn up the heat to read the manual provided and always keep a small fire extinguisher nearby.

Also, in the case of charcoal grills do not empty out the ash catcher till it’s fully extinguished and ensure the exhaust damper is open throughout the cook.

4. Durability of the grill

My last charcoal grill lasted for 10 years but not every grill is guaranteed to last that long. That mainly comes down to maintenance, brand, construction material etc. Opt for a brand like Napoleon, Char-Broil if you’re looking for durable grills.

Stainless steel tends to be more durable as compared to steel grills and is also lighter and easier to clean. Look for grills with a longer warranty period and do check out online reviews before you get one.

5. Temperature Control provided

For the perfect cook having temperature control is important which in a charcoal grill is achieved using the lid thus ensure your grill comes with a lid that fits in tightly.

Apart from that the dampers to play their part. Any grill should have minimum 2 dampers to let in oxygen and get rid of the exhaust.

For the best heat control opt for Kamado grills. These grills come with thick ceramic walls and have an oval shape which helps keep internal temperature in check.…