Does the word coffee make you think of exotic lands? It should! Because the truth is, coffee has a deeply romantic past, steeped in mystery and adventure. It had many names, in many places. Arab traders called it Gahwah. In the Spice Islands, it was called Java. Portuguese explorers called it “caf”.

Today, there is no country in the world, where coffee is not loved and enjoyed, usually with friends. Coffee became a world of its own. Every morning millions of people drink a cup of Coffee before they leave home, and again million of people drink coffee, when they have their brake or arrived at home.

In fact, “caf” has even come to mean a gathering place. But it all started a long, long time ago, in a desert far away…

Here you will find a lot of useful information about Coffee. We have combined a large list of different Coffee recipes. But that is not everything. We have information about coffee grinders, different coffee blends, coffee producers and even a huge coffee glossary for the newcomer in the world of coffee. In other words, we have everything you should ever know about coffee

… enjoy this trip through the World of Coffee!

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