Tips on Grinding Coffee

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April 12, 2012


The more uniform the grind, the better the extraction of the essence of the coffee bean. This is why grinding coffee becomes such special point in the coffee enjoyment. One of the oldest ways of grinding coffee was the simple mortar and pestle approach. It was all based on a quite simple system. The coffee to be ground was just placed in the bottom of a bowl, and the blunt end of a stick was used to ground the coffee along the bowl’s bottom and side. Nowadays we rather us a more mechanical way to ground our coffee. The mortar and the pestle have left their place to the mechanical moving disc and created a new term we carry into the present, the grinding force we know as milling.


So milling becomes very efficient and common with the use of electrical motors. Maybe we should bring up the blade styled coffee grinder at these points. This type of coffee grinder is practically available in every houseware store in the world. The blade-style coffee grinder works simply with two high-speed spinning metal blades and a universal electric motor. The Blade type coffee grinder chops the beans up. Many models of this type can be had for a very cheap price.

grinded coffee

But there is a second common type of coffee grinders. This is the grinder called a Burr grinder, and these can be broken down into cone or plate burrs. These use two bits of metal really close together to break the beans apart. Kind of like millstones. Usually, they are called Coffee Mills. We prefer the second type of coffee grinder; the Burr-Mill type grinder. First of all; it does not alter the flavor of the coffee beans. The blade type will actually scorch the beans adding a burnt taste. So it’s often preferred to choose a coffee mill if you don’t want to spoil the flavor of your coffee enjoyment.

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